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Sensible Mattress for prevent pressure injury.

All our product line is base on smart sensible mattress technology.

Pressure ulcer alert and warning tool for bedridden patients By applying IoT technology (IoT) processed by artificial intelligence. 

Solution with ready to use Hardware

           Therefore, the team has developed NEF by being Pressure ulcer alert and warning tool for bedridden patients by applying IoT technology (IoT).

            Processed by artificial intelligence by attaching the sensor under the patient's mattress to detect movement. The image will appear on the mobile screen, indicating that the red dot is the patient's weight on that point the most and the blue dot weighs the least on that area. The data from the sensors will send to the cloud for processing and send an alert signal to the mobile phone to warn caregivers to turn over the patient.

           The system will have AI that will learn the sleep data of each patient. This will be able to collect information for the doctor. If a special monitor is required, additional sensor alarm commands can be supplied.

           This innovation can provide care for patients 24 hours a day with accurate results and maximum benefit to patients. And maintenance is not a problem because it is attached under the mattress, so just wipe the solution and it's clean. which this work has been released commercially And in the future, it plans to expand the results to be used for baby care and working age groups for use in smart offices.

            At the same time, technology was developed from research labs. There is research published Then standardize to ensure confidence. and has a petty patent Therefore, it will be able to support target groups such as hospital chains such as Phayathai, Ramkhamhaeng, Samitivej, Bangkok or even taking care of patients at home.

            The price is divided into 2 models, the price for the private sector starts at 70 thousand baht, while the rental system has terms and conditions starting from the thousands.

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Hopital Bed


Patient Bed

Hopital Use

Ready to Use IoT  Sensing Patient Bed Solution


I Bed

Home Use

Smart Mattress
Work with every bed design


No Body Flipping

Alert for caregiver to help patient flipping to avoid pressure injury.

Online Update

Auto update software no need to update the system.

Automatic Calibration

No Need to Set up the Device.

Can use with any patient instant.

Blend with any Design

With sensor install hide in the mattress and it safe and smooth asthetic

Wireless Control

With Internet Connect function. Can Control the sensor setting from everywhere.

Work with Any Browse

Use web application technology

can work well with any browser on any device.

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